My recorded archive files are shorter than the time they were set to record

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This document applies to the Axia iProfiler software, specifically as it relates to using the Axia IP-Driver for recording.


Customer says. "We have a problem with iProfiler. We tell it to record for one hour, but the recorded files are a few seconds shorter than an hour." This can also occur when recordings are shorter than one hour. It has nothing to do with the length of the recording.

Here is a screenshot from a customer example.


If the files are shorter than the recording duration, this is because of missing audio packets.  If a packet is missed, the recording is shortened by the length of the missed packet.  If you miss multiple packets over the course of an hour, the file is shortened each time. In other words, the more packets lost, the shorter the file.

Check the Stats of the IP Audio Driver

You can start by looking at the Statistics of the IP Driver and see if there are any Errors shown on the Stats page.  If there are, this would explain the problem you are having. 

  1. From the Windows Control Panel, open the Axia IP-Driver program.
  2. Click on the Statistics button.
  3. Note any errors in any of the columns noted here. Rx (Receive) errors can result in shortened files.

Check the number of channels you are recording

Try to set all of the recorded streams to Standard Stereo.  Not all computers can handle recording multiple Live Stereo streams.  If you are recording lots of channels and all of them are Live Stereo, there may be too much traffic for the computer to process at one time.

Check the location of your recordings

You must record to a local hard drive and not to a USB or other Network drive.

Checking your network card drivers

Pay particular attention to item #4 in this article related to OEM drivers for your network card.

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