Adjusting IP-Driver Audio Levels


Matching levels at the IP-Driver between the Livewire network sources and your recording software.


Because reference levels between audio software and Livewire network audio can be different, the IP Driver employs a pretty simple level matching adjustment found in the lower left-hand corner of the configuration window:

As indicated by the values below the control, this slider's position adjusts the input and output levels simultaneously. Moving the slider to the left applies no changes in levels, while to the right uses a 12dB boost to the input and -12dB attenuation at the output. These adjustments maintain unity gain between the input and output while controlling the levels of audio present within the PC.(recording level, etc.)

Notice: Adjustments made to the Audio Level control do not take effect until the Apply button is clicked.

For example, if the levels recorded to iProfiler are too low:

Then you can adjust the slider and increase input gain to the recorder (while reducing the output level) by setting the level slider to a value that provides an adequate level to the recorder:

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