Sharing a Source with Two or More Console Engines


This article describes how to share an xNode, PowerStaton I/O or Legacy Node source with more than one console engine.


Because of Livewire's Advertisement and Subscription mechanisms, a source can't be fully loaded onto more than one console at a time without some adjustments to the source at the node. Without these adjustments, a source will be "Listen Only" with no GPIO control on one of the consoles while the other has it loaded. This article describe the adjustments necessary in the node to make that work properly.

NOTE: This is not recommended for sources that require an automatic backfeed return from the console engine.


  1. Load the xNode source onto a console.
  2. Navigate to the Sources page of the xNode's web GUI
  3. Click the Show Source Allocation Status link at the bottom:
  1. In the pop-up window that results, uncheck the checkbox for the desired source:
  2. Click Apply

TIP: You'll notice that the IP address of the engine that currently owns this source is listed here.

PowerStation I/O and Legacy 8x8 Livewire Node:

  1. Navigate to the PowerStation I/O or the Node's Sources page
  2. For the desired source, set Sharable to Yes
  3. Click Apply

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