Passing Low Frequency Automation Tones Through Omnia.9

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This document covers how to ensure that low-frequency automation tones are passed through the Omnia.9 processing properly.


A customer called whose automation system uses an 18Hz triggering tone that plays at the beginning of an advertisement. He can see the 18Hz tone on the input but there is no 18 Hz at the output. He asked: "How can I allow it to pass through my Omnia.9 processing?"


The Omnia.9 has a high-pass filter on its inputs and it is adjustable. Go to System / I/O Options / Input x. The default setting is to 30Hz which would block the 18Hz tone. In this case, changing the setting to 15Hz or turning it off would allow the tone to pass:

If the tone still will not pass, check that there isn't an EQ setting in the processing that is cutting the low bass frequencies too much.

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