Pairing a Powerstation Aux to a Powerstation Main


We will be discussing Powerstation Main configurations with Powerstation Aux units present.

First thing's first:
Be sure to do this on a PC connected directly to the Powerstation, and with the Powerstation disconnected from the larger network. Some of these steps can be destructive to a network with more than one Powerstation system.

Step 1 - Turn on the Backup Power option

  • Navigate to the Mix Engine > Options page in your Powerstation Main's configuration website
  • Find the Backup Power option at the bottom and turn it on
  • Click the Apply button

Step 2 - Pair the Aux to the Main Powerstation

  • Navigate to the Mix Engine > Network page of your Powerstation's configuration website
  • Click Install... under the Aux I/O and Fusion Frames section
  • Wait a few seconds for the system to run discovery on the network
  • Under PowerStation Hardware Components > AUX I/O, click the dropdown box next to Select. You should see the MAC address of the Aux I/O and its current IP address.
  • Select the Aux IO and confirm that the value for new IP is correct
  • Click Apply IP and wait for the system to perform the task.

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