SoftSurface: Connect to a FANNED Studio Engine

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This document explains how to connect your SoftSurface program to a standalone Studio Engine, fanned model.


SoftSurface has the ability to connect to a PowerStation with an Element connected to it. This feature is useful if you have a need to remotely control your Element. However, the SoftSurface application can also be used with a standalone Studio Engine that has no physical console connected to it. You may find this feature useful for production suites, or other areas where space is limited.

Before We Get Started

This document assumes that you have already installed the SoftSurface program on your computer and are running it as Administrator.
Be sure that your PC is connected to the same network that your Studio Engine is connected to, and that both units have a static IP address

Setup the Fanned Studio Engine

  1. Open up a web browser and type in the IP address of the Studio Engine you will be using
  2. Navigate over to the left side and click on "Program and monitor outputs." Type in "user" for the username when prompted (enter password if you have set one up, otherwise leave this empty)
  3. You will be brought to the following screen where you must define the Livewire channel numbers for the Studio Engine's audio outputs. The channels in the picture below are for example purposes only. Your channel numbers will likely be different.
    These channels must be unique on your network, not used as a source in any other device. More information about how to number the Livewire channels on your network can be found here
  4. Be sure to click the first "Apply" button at the bottom, directly below the "Talkback" line

Connect SoftSurface to the Studio Engine

This procedure is for connecting to a FANNED Studio Engine. If you are attempting to connect to a FAN-LESS Studio Engine running Fusion firmware, the procedure to do this is slightly different and will be released in a future HelpDoc

  1. Open SoftSurface and navigate to the Setup area on the bottom right-hand side of the program
  2. To the left you will see an option to "Connect To" an "Element" or an "Engine". For the fanned version of Studio Engines, we will choose "Engine." Adjust the fader count to suit your specific needs
  3. At the bottom, type in the IP address of your Studio Engine and name it. Be sure to click "Add" when you are finished
  4. Select the Engine you added to the list and click "Connect" at the bottom
    You may see a command-line screen pop after clicking the connect button. Do not close this screen, but just minimize it
  5. At the top of the SoftSurface screen you will see the word "Engine" and the IP address next to it if you have successfully connected
If you see "Disconnected" or "NO CONNECTION TO ENGINE," check that the IP address of the Engine is correct, and that your SoftSurface PC is connected to the same network as your Studio Engine.

If you are still not able to connect, disable your firewall and any anti-virus programs you have running that may be interfering with the software or its connectivity.

Configuring Sources and Shows

After you have successfully connected to your Studio Engine, you must configure sources and shows to use with the software. This is NOT done within the software directly. Instead, you will configure these sources and shows in a web browser.

  1. Open a web browser on the SoftSurface computer and type in:
  2. You will be navigated to the configuration page for the SoftSurface. Click on the "Configuration" link on the left
    Don't be surprised when you see "Element Control Center" at the top of the screen. The SoftSurface is "acting" like an Element surface, so it uses the same web interface to be configured like one.
  3. Follow the links on the left to configure sources and shows for the SoftSurface
    Remember: There are no physical connections on the Studio Engine or the Soft Surface that you can use for sources. You will need to either use another device for your inputs and outputs on the network
  4. Navigate back to your SoftSurface application and click on the options button just above the channel you want to insert a source on
  5. Then select the source from the list on the right and click "Select"

That's it! Your SoftSurface is ready to use!

Warning: Remember not to close your SoftSurface application while using it. Closing the application will result in all audio silence (just like unplugging your audio console)

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