Removing / Replacing a Fusion Surface Module


This article describes how to remove or replace a Fusion console module. This can also be applied to Element as the hardware is very similar.

Step 1: Remove Retaining Screws

  • Use the 2.5 mm hex wrench to remove the retaining screws at the top of the module requiring service:

Step 2: Dismount the Module

  • Lift the module at the top, tilting it upward, and pull the locating tab at the bottom of the module from the mounting channel.

Step 3: Disconnect Cabling

  • Locate and disconnect the RJ45 patch cable(s) (-1- ) that connects the module to the Fusion's Interface board.
  • Locate the ribbon cable that connects the module to its overbridge display (if present). Gently press the “ears” on each side of the board connector (-2-) to release the cable.
  • Make note of the position of the CANBUS ID switch (-3-)
NOTE: Position F is reserved for a hardware Test Mode. Position 0 is reserved for the Master Module for the console. For more info about CANBUS IDs, click here.

Replace the module

  • The module is replaced by performing the above steps in reverse.
  • Be sure to set the CANBUS ID of the replacement module to the same value the old one had.

Overbridge Module Removal

This procedure can be found in this technote here.

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