Upgrading Z/IPStream R/2 to Z/IPStream R/20

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This document applies to the Z/IPStream R/2 streaming hardware and its upgradability to Z/IPStream R/20 ALL Z/IPStream R/2 systems regardless of age or current version can be upgraded to r/20. This Upgrade is FREE to all users until October 2024. However; you MUST request this upgrade from your Telos Dealer. Support can not fill these requests. Contact your dealer and they will place a free order for this upgrade for you.

Do not proceed if you have not been provided with an updated license key. Keys used in the R/2 are incompatible with R/20- Your system will not funtion at all without these updated keys.

You your new license code will look similar to this. The Features included, a new license code (shown here in GREEN) and the original code (in Yellow) are all listed on this PDF.

A PDF will be provided for each license code you have. If you have four license numbers, then four PDF files will be provided to you. Make sure you have them all before you start.

Download the software update

Save this file to a location on your computer for use later.

Take a backup and Save it to your computer

  1. Log in to the main web page of your R/2. Click on OPTIONS, then BACKUP from the main menu.
  2. Click the BACKUP button.

You will see "backup in progress, please wait...

  1. Once the new backup is listed, click on it to select it, then click download to save it to a location on your computer.

Installing the update

  1. From the main Web Page, click OPTIONS, then, SOFTWARE UPDATE.
  2. On the Software update page, notice there are two "banks." In our example Bank#1 says Inactive and has has an Update Software button. Bank#2 shows a current running version 1.08.10 and a reboot button.
  1. Click fhe Update software button associated with your Inactive bank.
  2. A Browse window will open. Browse for and locate the 601-00612-XXX_ZIPStreamR20_2.1.7.img file you downloaded previously. then Click Open or OKAY on your browse window.
  3. The file will upload very quickly and you will get a message that it's complete.
The next step will restart your system.
  1. Click the "Run this version "button on the Bank that containes the updated version. Although it says longer, the reboot should take about 90 seconds.

Enter your new License codes

  1. From the Main Web Page, click the Licenses Link.
  2. Click the Add button to add a new License.
  3. Enter the license code from the fist PDF, exactly as shown. (best to copy and paste)

The license will Add and Activate automatically and after a few seconds should show OK as shown here. Features and their expiration dates if any, are also listed. For this example is key if for two audio sourcces and two Omnia 9 processors tthat Never expire.

Your R/2 hshould now apear as an R/20 and will function normally.

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