Can I use my HX6 or iQ6 hybrid for two different studios at the same time?

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I have a Telos HX6 or Telos iQ6 phone hybrid, and I want to use it with two different studios at the same time. Can I do that?


Unfortunately, it is not really possible. The HX6/ iQ6 were designed to service a single studio. While it is true that two hybrids are available, these are meant to be used in the same studio. The dual hybrids are intended to allow the operator to have two Phone faders in the studio. With the VSET handset or various in console Call Controller's, you have the ability to take multiple calls and place them onto hybrid 1 or hybrid 2 if you wish.

Please note the NX series did allow for a true split studio operation, but the HX6 and iQ6 do not offer this same ability

I want to try it anyways

For those that really need something in a pinch...

In HX6/iQ6 web UI go to the Setup Wizard Page and adjust the following:

Enable auto-answer line to hold = OFF

Fix hybrid n to line n = OFF

Mix Minus Routing mode = Separate

Mix Minus Routing Mode set to Separate will force both hybrids to NOT internally mix caller audio between each other. Which is desirable if Hybrid 1 is brought up in Studio A and Hybrid 2 is brought up in Studio B -- with each studio providing its own mix minus

Telos can not offer any support for those that wish to use product in this manner. This is an unsupported configuration


  • All 6 Lines will be available on the VSET or Call Controller module in both studios all the time
  • The VSET or Call Controller module will still let the operator answer calls on either hybrid. If the Operator in Studio B puts Line 3 on air, and that places the call on Hybrid 1 by mistake - then Studio A's Phone fader will have that callers audio on it. The VSET will default by placing callers on Hybrid 1. However VSET does allow pre-selecting which hybrid to use. Please reference VSET user manual and see Section 4, section "Fader Select". The Call Controller module will follow Left column to Hybrid 1, Right column to Hybrid 2
  • On air calls will need to be "locked in" to prevent the other studio from answering a call and automatically dropping the existing on air caller
  • Phone on Hold audio will be shared and is not independent between both studios
  • Delay Dump GPO pin will be shared and is not indepenent between both studios
  • Ringing Line and Priority Ringing Line GPO pins will be shared and is not indepenent between both studios
  • Ring Mute Trigger GPI Pin will be shared and is not indepenent between both studios

Better Solutions

  • Add an additional HX6 or iQ6 for the second studio
  • Consider upgrade to Telos VX Prime + which provides 8 Hybrids that can be used for separate studios. Up to 8 separate studios can be handled by a single VX Prime + if each studio only needs a single phone fader each.

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