Replacing ON and OFF Caps on QOR Consoles

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This document covers replacing the larger On and Off button caps for the following QOR consoles:

  • iQ console (and expansion frames)
  • iQx console
  • Radius console
  • DESQ
  • RAQ

For directions on how to replace the smaller 9mm button caps, click here.

The Caps

Over time, the button caps can become cracked or broken from excessive (or aggressive) use. The good news is that they are field replaceable.

The same ON and OFF button caps are used on all of the QOR consoles.

If a cap is broken or cracked, contact customer support and ask for pricing and availability.

  • The cap labeled ON is part # 1452-00277-102.
  • The cap labeled OFF is part #1452-00278-102.
The iQ 6-Fader Expansion Frame + User Buttons was originally equipped with button caps labeled "USER". New frames now have caps that are simply blank. They are no longer labeled with the word USER. If a blank user button is needed, ask for pricing and availability for part # 1453-00086.

To remove the cap, simply pry it from the console using your fingers.

The Cap Frame

Each button cap needs a frame to properly fit onto the switch.

The frame is a different part number and may need to be ordered if it's also broken or has been discarded.

If a frame is needed, ask for pricing and availability of part # 1453-00085.

To remove the frame from the broken cap, use your fingernails to pry it apart and then snap the new cap onto the frame.

To install the new cap and frame onto the console, simply push the cap onto the keycap adapter of the switch. You will hear a click when it snaps into place.

Detailed Photos of the Components

Below are photos of all of the parts involved with the button caps, from the ON/OFF switch to the cap:

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