Finding The Serial Number of Your Unit


This document is to help find the serial number of your unit for sending in for repair or for registering your product on our website. Register Your Product (


Our units, whether they are Telos, Axia, Omnia or 25/7 products have two numbers on the back of the unit.

2001-XXXXX-XXX is the product number. This number describes what product family the unit is in.

example: every Omnia Volt FM will have 2001-000439-000

The serial number will be on a sticker with a barcode as well as the name of the product.

example: 0439i0028

When you want to send your unit in for repair, you will need an RMA. To create the RMA and to make sure that your unit does not get lost while here at our facility, we need the serial number of your unit. Telos Alliance uses the serial number of your unit to track the warranty status.

To register the product correctly, the information will need to be filled out.

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