What are the default IP addresses a Quasar System ships with?

Updated by Bryan Jones


This document applies to all Quasar Console systems that were assembled and tested at the factory.


Each Quasar Console that is assembled at the factory is tested. In doing so, IP addresses are assigned to many of the components.

The following IP addresses are assigned for testing;

  • Quasar MTS-MON (Master Touch Screen - Monitor) module -
  • Quasar XR Fader Modules - Starting at and increment from there, depending on how many modules are in your system.
  • Quasar Engine -
Since you may have more than one Quasar Console in your system, it is best to set (change) the IP addresses BEFORE you plug them into the larger network to avoid IP address conflicts.


Please see our configuration Quick Starts for setting these IP addresses.

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