Are Omnia PSUs the same?

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Not all Omnia processors use the same power supply, but some do. This document covers which PSU part number goes with which Omnia processor.

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The Omnia.9 has its own unique power supply. Over the life of the Omnia.9, two different styles of power supplies have been used. To see examples of the two styles and to find the part numbers, click here.

The Omnia.9 is the only processor with a removable power brick inserted into a cage with access outside the unit. All other Omnias have their PSU mounted inside the processor.


The Omnia.11 uses two different power supplies:

  • 1281-00078-100, which mounts to an internal heatsink and is only used in the Omnia.11.
  • 1281-00051-100 is the second PSU in the Omnia.11 and is also used with Omnia ONE and Omnia VOLT® processors.

To find out where each power supply in the Omnia.11 is located, click here.

Omnia ONE and Omnia VOLT®

These two processors use:

  • 1281-00051-100, which is also one of the two PSUs in an Omnia.11.

Omnia.9sg and Omnia.7

The Omnia.9sg and Omnia.7 share the same power supply:

  • 1281-00125-100

Omnia Classic, Omnia.3, Omnia 4.5, Omnia.5 and Omnia-6

All of these processors use the same power supply:

  • 1281-00006-100

Omnia Voco 8

The power supply for the Voco 8 is built-in and not available as a separate part.

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