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Upon starting Dashboard, you may notice that it cannot connect to your Infinity devices. We will walk through some possible causes and solutions to this.

Diagnosing the problem

This issue can appear in two different ways.

  1. A fresh install of Dashboard shows no devices, no I/O, and no connection to anything, even after sitting for an extended period of time
  2. Dashboard has already been connected to your devices, but you notice one or more device show a red exclamtion mark. The red exclamation mark that Dashboard has lost connection to that particular panel
Although we will walk through each scenario, we recommend that you read through the full document if you are experiencing either of the above issue, as the solutions can be similar.

How to discover devices when Dashboard is blank

If Dashboard shows nothing at all, that typically means that something is blocking network connectivity from Dashboard to the devices.

  • Try pinging a device, or navigating to its web interface using its IP address (you can find this from the device's front panel). If you cannot reach the device, this is likely a network issue. Make sure that your Dashboard computer is on the same network as your Infinity devices.
  • If you can ping the devices, check your firewall or antivirus. By default, Dashboard uses port 49352 to communicate with the panels, and it's possible that your firewall or antivirus may be blocking this traffic. Try to temporarily disable your firewall or antivirus and see if the devices start to appear in Dashboard.
  • Make sure that Dashboard is using the correct NIC to communicate to your devices. By default, Dashboard will try to automatically choose the correct NIC. If the above two methods didn't help, it's best to tell Dashboard explicitly which NIC to use. Follow this document to update Dashboard with the appropriate NIC: Checking the network settings for Dashboard - TelosHelp (telosalliance.com)

How to fix a device that has a red exclamation mark

If you are seeing devices with a red exclamation mark in Dashboard, that means that Dashboard has previously been able to communicate with the device, but has somehow lost connection to it.

  • First, make sure you can reach the device's web interface. This can easily be done through Dashboard. Just click on the device so that it is highlighted, and then click on the Manage button. This will take you to the unit's web interface. If you cannot connect to the web interface of the device, make sure that it is properly connected to the network (check cables, connection to switch, IP address, etc).

If during any of these steps you have found that a power cycle of the device brought the unit back in Dashboard, please contact our support department. There may be something else going on with that panel that we may need to investigate.

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