Recommendations For Cleaning and Sanitizing Consoles and Equipment

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This document details our recommended cleaning and sanitizing methods for consoles and other Telos equipment.

We cannot stress enough that you should follow the CDC guidelines for washing your hands. A general rule to follow when it comes to broadcast studios and handwashing: wash before you enter and wash after you exit - each time, every time.


To disinfect a console, you can use Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol (we recommend 70%) with a soft towel. You want to use enough where all the buttons, faders, etc are covered, but you need to be careful not to use too much where it might seep into the unit.

Some of our consoles, like Fusion, have a rubber coating on the fader knobs. Some cleaners can soften this coating. We do have newer style faders for Fusion consoles, which are all ABS plastic if cleaning them becomes an issue. Other iQ consoles already have hard plastic faders, so they should be able to handle a greater range of cleaning products.

We do not recommend using any sort of Clorox wipes on consoles as this might fade any printing. We also do not suggest spraying any sort of disinfectant spray directly on any console.

VSets and Handsets

To disinfect a VSet phone, the above rules apply.

For the VSet handset, you can use Clorox wipes or disinfectant spray, but we still suggest Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol. You do need to be careful not to get any product into the ear and mouthpiece holes.

Microphones and Headsets

To disinfect microphones, you can very gently spray windscreens with a spray disinfectant. The best practice would be to supply each user with their own microphone or windscreen.

Be sure to remember to clean mic arms that might be adjusted from user to user with rubbing alcohol as well.

Many headset ear pads can be sensitive to cleaners and begin to flake or disintegrate. The best method would be for each user to use their own headset.

Don't Forget!

Door knobs/handles, drawer handles, light switches, keyboards and television remotes need attention too. Although many people work in studios for extended shifts, it might be wiser to eat outside of the studio when you're not actively touching different types of equipment.

Hand sanitizer should be readily available in all studios.

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