Setting Up the Omnia.9 to Broadcast in Mono

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This document explains how to set up the Omnia.9 to broadcast in Mono.


Q: I need to set my Omnia.9 to broadcast in FM mono. What do I need to set to do this?


A: Each input's channel mode can be set in System / I/O Options / Source Adjustment  using the "Channels:" dropdown:

"L/R" is the normal stereo mode, "R/L" is reversed stereo mode and the mono modes are "L+R" (sums both channels to mono), mono "L" (takes the left input channel and feeds it to both channels) & mono "R" (takes the right input channel and feeds it to both channels).

To run in full mono, turn off the 19kHz stereo pilot and stereo generator: In System / I/O Options / FM Options / MPX, set the Pilot Level to 0.0% and turn "Auto Pilot" on (which ensures full mono with no stereo sideband activity even if the input audio is stereo).

Here it's set for normal stereo:

And here it's set for mono:

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