Unable to add licenses for an iQs Docker container

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This document applies to licensing of container version Axia iQs console.


An issue has recently been identified where iQs may not be able to add the required licenses needed to generate activation keys. This applies to MASI License server version 1.0.59 for Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04

On the License Setup page of your iQs, while trying to Generate New License Requests, you may receive the error

FAILED!: Generate License Request for productID 5001119 from LicenseServerAddress failed

Verifying the problem

You will need access to the Code Meter desktop application for this step. If you are not running a Linux Desktop please see the end of this document for terminal commands.
  1. Click on Show Application in the bottom-left of the desktop
  2. Locate and run the CodeMeter Control Center.
  3. Verify the license tab is selected and is blank.

Correcting the problem

There needs to be at least one license displayed in order for iQs to be able to add additional licenses. To manually add a license;

  1. Click here to download this license called ATS_LicenseServer.wbb
  2. Using the mouse, manually drag and drop this file on top of the empty License page.

A new AudioTools License Server will appear in the list of licenses.

  1. Return to the License Setup page of the iQs
  2. Re-enter and re-save the IP Address where the MASI License server is installed.
  3. After a few moments, return to the CodeMeter Control Center. You should see two new Licenses added to the list;
  • iQs Base
  • IQs Faders

If those appear correctly, you can return to the License Setup page and request any license activations required for your install.

If you do not have access to (or have not installed) the Linux desktop.

  1. From a ssh terminal, run the command;

cmu -l

The CodeMeter Universal Support tool will respond with any local CodeMeter containers.

dbjones@VXs-iQs-Docker:~$ cmu -l
cmu - CodeMeter Universal Support Tool.
Version 7.10b of 2020-Oct-29 (Build 4206) for Linux
Copyright (C) 2007-2020 by WIBU-SYSTEMS AG. All rights reserved.

List all locally connected CmContainers:
- CmContainer with Serial Number 128-19670338 and version 1.19
- CmContainer with Serial Number 128-19670339 and version 1.19
- CmContainer with Serial Number 32767-29185 and version 1.19 (locked)
- CmContainer with Serial Number 32767-64321 and version 1.19 (locked)
Result: 4 CmContainer(s) listed.
If no CmContainers are listed,
  1. copy the .wbb file linked earlier in this document to a folder on your OCI container host computer.
  2. cd (change directory) to the directory where you saved the file.
  3. Run the command

cmu -i -f ATS_LicenseServer.wbb

  1. Return to the following step and repeat the cmu -l command and verify that at least one license is shown.

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