After installing my Axia IP-Audio Driver it's grayed out and I can't make any changes

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This article applies to all variants of the Windows Axia IP-Audio Driver. It is assumed that you have followed the installation instructions provided with the Driver.


After installing the Axia IP-Audio Driver and rebooting your computer, the IP-Driver is greyed out, preventing you from making any changes. This screen shows an IP Driver which has been installed but not properly licensed.

Most often, this is a result of entering your License Number and License Key incorrectly during the install process.

Here are a sample Number and Key (note these are not valid keys and can not be used for install)
  • License Number - AXWO24804499
  • License Key - C39FTK 2MM7K9 ZTMZ36 6P7K7F ZCRP
Possible problems while installing can be:
  • License Number entered incorrectly - these are a combination of letters and numbers and are ALL CAPS
  • License Key entered incorrectly - these are a combination of letters and numbers and are ALL CAPS. You must include spaces when entering the Key.
  • Copy and paste errors - missing digit from the beginning or end or extra space characters at the beginning or end.
  • Permission Issues - License information is written to the Window Registry. The install must be completed by a Windows user with sufficient permissions to be able to write to the registry.
  • Installing using a Windows Remote Desktop session - you can not connect using a remote desktop session. Using a program like VNC, Team Viewer, LogMeIn, etc., are acceptable.

To correct any of these issues, you must fully uninstall the driver using Add/Remove Program from Control Panel, reboot your computer, and then start the installation over again.

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