After installing my Axia IP Audio Driver it's grayed out and I can't make any changes

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This article applies to all variants of the Windows Axia IP Audio Driver. It is assumed that you have followed the installation instructions provided with the Driver.


After installing the Axia IP Audio Driver and rebooting your computer, the IP Driver is greyed out, preventing you from making any changes. This screen shows an IP Driver which has been installed but not properly licensed.

Most often, this is a result of entering your License Number and License Key incorrectly during the install process.

Here is a sample Number and Key (note these are not valid keys and can not be used for install)
  • License Number - AXWO24804499
  • License Key - C39FTK 2MM7K9 ZTMZ36 6P7K7F ZCRP
Possible problems while installing can be:
  • License Number entered incorrectly - these are a combination of letters and numbers and are ALL CAPS
  • License Key entered incorrectly - these are a combination of letters and numbers and are ALL CAPS. You must include spaces when entering the Key.
  • Copy and paste errors - missing digit from the beginning or end or extra space characters at the beginning or end.
  • Permission Issues - License information is written to the Window Registry. The install must be completed by a Windows user with sufficient permissions to be able to write to the registry.
  • Installing using a Windows Remote Desktop session - you can not connect using a remote desktop session. Using a program like VNC, Team Viewer, LogMeIn, etc., are acceptable.

To correct any of these issues, you must fully uninstall the driver using Add/Remove Program from Control Panel, reboot your computer, and then start the installation over again.

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