Configure Line Ringing on iQ6 or Hx6 using Livewire GPIO

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This article applies the Telos Hx6 and iQ6 six-line telco gateway.

iQ6 and Hx6 are functionally identical, however, the iQ6 only uses Livewire IN/OUT. There are no Analog/AES connections on an iQ6.


In this example, we will configure the Livewire GPIO on an iQ6 (or Hx6) telco gateway to trigger an output when a line is ringing. This GPO can then be wired to an external lamp which will indicate the presence of a ringing line.

Configure GPIO in the iQ6 or Hx6

  1. Using your connected web browser, navigate to the web page of your iQ6 or Hx6 telco gateway.
  2. Click on the Livewire GPIO menu item shown below.
  1. In the GPIO Configuration page, type a Channel number to be used for GPIO and click Apply. For purposes of this example, we have used channel 1230. You only need to configure GPIO port 1.
This GPIO channel can be ANY valid Livewire channel (1 - 32767) but it should NOT be associated with any audio channel. You will not be able to use the "browse" button next to the channel box. Simple type the channel number in the box.

Configure the GPIO in the QOR

  1. Using your connected web browser, navigate to the web page of your QoR engine.
  2. Click on GPIO located under IO Manager on the left side menu.
  1. Under the heading of Local GPIO Configuration, select an unused port.

In this example, we have chosen Port 3

  1. Change the Name to something that will help you remember what this port is used for. In this case, we have used RINGER.
  2. Set the "Logic for" option to Livewire Mirror
  3. Set the Livewire Channel to the same number you applied in step 3 of the IQ6 configuration
You will not be able to browse for and locate this GPIO channel. Enter the number manually.
  1. Click Apply.


The output of the iQ6 and Hx6 are listed here for Port 1.

In this case, the two ringing indications are;

  • GPO-2 - Ring Out is defined as any line is ringing on your telco gateway.
  • GPO-3 - Priority Ringing Out is defined as a "priority" line ringing on your telco gateway.

Priority lines are defined in Show Setup of your telco gateway and are often used for "Hot" lines or guest lines. These lines are not busied out if the Busy All is engaged. See the operations manual of your iQ6 or Hx6 for more on Priority lines.

Check Your Configuration

Still on the GPIO page of your QOR, place a phone call. You should see the second block of the outputs on Port 3 turn green indicating the output is closed. This would indicate that a normal line (non Priority) is ringing.

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