Converting an Nx6 or Nx12 between Analog and AES

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This document explains the conversion of a Telos Nx6 or Nx12 between analog and AES/EBU.

If you are in need of converting an Hx6 to either analog or AES, click here.


The Nx6 and Nx12 use a small daughter board to produce AES/EBU audio. This daughter board is easily installed in the field to add AES/EBU or removed in the field to convert it to Analog only.

The AES to Analog Process

  1. Remove the 10 Phillips screws from the top of the unit and remove the cover.
  2. If your unit is an AES unit, you will see an AES card. Remove the two screws holding the card.
  3. Install eight shunt-style jumpers, which can be harvested off an old motherboard or purchased for a very minimal cost at a computer parts store. Four jumpers on JP10 and four on JP8.
  4. Reinstall the cover and power your unit back on.

The Analog to AES Process

To convert your unit to AES, you simply follow the instructions above in reverse.

Remember to remove the jumpers before inserting the card over JP8, JP9 and JP10. Press firmly to seat the card, but don't push too hard.

If you need to order an Nx12 AES Daughter Card, contact us to get pricing information on part # 1701-00149.

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