Sound Effects and Call Disposition Tones

The VX system uses a set of built-in sound effects to alert callers and operators of their calls' disposition. Some of these sound effects exist to simulate things in systems using legacy connections such as POTS. Here, we'll discuss what they are and how to change/disable them if desired.

Tone Configuration Pages

Some of the old-timers amongst us might fondly remember the sounds heard on-air with an old 1A2 key system. The "ker-chunk" was familiar and soothing, both to the caller and the DJ. In the pure VoIP world, NONE of these exist, not even DTMF or dial tone. They are merely there for your comfort.

The Tones section of the VX's web interface is where all of the VX's pre-recorded tones are managed. Here, you can configure, enable, and disable them. You can even upload your own sound effects for a more customized experience.

The part most often discussed is the Call Disposition section:

Call Answered, and Line Switch is a "click-click" sound that imitates the sounds heard on POTS calls when lines are switched. This sound is presented both to the caller and to the hybrid output (so you will hear it on air).

Caller Hang Up is a short "Bloomp" sound heard when a call is terminated. This sound is presented to the output of the hybrid only.

Caller Alert is the "BONG" sound when a call is taken to the handset or air. This sound is presented to the caller only.

All of these sounds can be enabled, disabled, reset, or replaced using this part of the VX's configuration website.

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