How to create a user panel to control a console

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User Panels in Pathfinder Core Pro allow you to create any kind of user interface that you'd like to control in any part of your Telos Alliance network. Although you can customize these panels any way you'd like, this document will walk you through how to create a panel that is essentially pre-built to control your Axia console.

Note that at the time of this writing, this does require running beta firmware on your Pathfinder Core Pro.

Creating the user panel

The most recent beta versions of Pathfinder Core Pro (starting with will allow you to easily create a virtual version of your console. You will need the most recent beta, which can be found here.

Make sure you select the correct download that matches your hardware.

Once installed, go to User Panels. From there, click the + icon on the right side of the screen. This will open a new User Panel. Once there, click on Custom, and find the Console button and click and drag it to the grey canvas area:

Once dragged over, it should look like this:

Then go to the right side of the screen, and click on control:

A new window will open with all of your consoles on the network, listed by IP address. Just select the console, and then save the panel.

Then all you need to do is click on the View button in your user panel, and the panel will pop up in a different window, which will allow you to control the console.

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