My Voltair is not showing continuous readings

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This document applies to the Voltair when the LCD screen appears only partially to display readings.

The LCD Screen

If the Voltair's display looks like this, you may be thinking it's not doing its job. However, more times than not, your Voltair is operating correctly.

The Cause

NTP time sync is likely having some issue, causing the internal clock to shift. This clock shifting causes the internal confidence database to reset, which clears the screen. The Voltair's function is unaffected.

The Fix

You can do one of two things:

  1. Disable NTP in your Voltair.
    1. Turn the Jog Wheel to highlight the Clock menu.
    2. Press the wheel to enter the page.
    3. Select Network Time Protocol
    4. Change to Disabled.

  1. Choose a different NTP server.
    1. From the Clock menu, select NTP Server Address
    2. Change the address ( for example).
NTP Servers generally need name resolution (DNS) to be functioning properly. Make sure your DNS settings are correct in your Network setup.

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