Power Cables Needed to Power a Fusion with an Axia Power Supply

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This document provides the part numbers for the power cables needed to power a Fusion (or Element) console when using either an Axia Console Power Supply (2001-00375) or an Axia Console Backup Power Supply (2001-00277).

Both of these PSU chassis look exactly the same and are the same size as a QOR.16.

The Cables Needed

When purchased new, each of these supplies ships with a D-Sub to CANbus 15-foot power cable.

If a new cable is needed because it's been misplaced, contact Customer Support and ask for the price and availability of the following part numbers, based on the cable length that is desired:

  • 1711-00276 - 15-foot power cable
  • 1711-00294 - 20-foot power cable
  • 1711-00295 - 25-foot power cable
  • 1711-00266 - 30-foot power cable

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