Loading a VX Show into a Studio


How to load a VX Show into a VX Studio. Note that the VX will not register extensions until a show containing the extensions is loaded into a Studio.

There are three ways to do this:

Using the VSet

  1. Make sure the VSet has been assigned to a studio (click here)
  2. Enter the VSet's main menu and press the numbered line key next to Select Show:
  1. Select the desired show from the list using the numbered line keys.

From the VX Studio Configuration page

  1. Navigate to the desired studio configuration page in the VX's web UI
  2. Click the Current Show drop-down box and select the desired show.
  3. Click Change

From the Axia Console Show Profile

Axia console show profiles allow you to force the VX to load a specific show (collection of lines) into a studio whenever that console show is loaded.

If this is not desired, leave Show Name blank, per the field's subtitle.

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