Viewing and Editing the PowerStation's IP Address


This document explains how to view and change the IP address of the PowerStation from the Element or Fusion Console surface.

RED-HOT TIP: Use a USB keyboard if you don't have a console to connect to the PowerStation, if you have a Fusion system or an Element with ETH4CAN upgrades installed. Don't worry! Keep reading, and we'll tell you how to do this. It's so easy!


When the PowerStation is reset to factory defaults or returned from our repair center with the factory defaults loaded, it will be configured with its default IP address ( This technote will tell you how to properly view and change this from the Element or Fusion console.

If your PowerStation was reset to factory defaults, you would need to capture the console. If so, see this tech note.

Change Network Settings

  1. Go to the Element / Fusion surface's master module keypad
  2. Press and hold the 'star (*),' '4,' and '7' keys simultaneously for 10 seconds and release
OR: Strike the " i " key on a keyboard connected to the PowerStation's USB port. (You guessed it, "i" stands for "IP" and the 4 and 7 are also the I and P keys respectively)

The key combo / key stroke used above will display the IP Address on the monitor:

The Fusion's IP Address book will look slightly different. but the basic function is the same
  1. Using the encoder knobs on the overbridge above the master module, navigate the IP Address Book, and make the necessary edits to the fields.
  2. Save settings
  3. Exit the IP Address Window.
  4. Reboot to apply settings.
OR: Use the arrow keys and the number pad (Num Lock = ON) on your USB keyboard to edit the IP address book.

The functions of the knobs will be different depending on what version of the master module you have.

Full Master / Navigation Module:
CHECK THIS OUT! Notice how each of the "soft controls" have "F" numbers below them. These are the keys you can use on your USB keyboard to execute the functions. So easy, Right!?
2-Fader Master Combo Module:

Be Careful!

The PowerStation uses three or more IP addresses:

  • Internal Mix Engine: Configured IP (Default =
  • Internal Ethernet Switch: Configured IP +1 (Default =
  • I/O Subsystem Main: Configured IP +2 (Default =
  • I/O Subsystem Aux (if existing): Configured IP +3 (Default =

Be careful not to accidentally create IP address conflicts as these IPs will follow what IP address you configure here.

PowerStations come paired with their internal components from the factory. To see how to do this manually, see this tech tip here.

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