Setting up a Program like Zoom or Skype to work with an Axia Console


This article covers the Axia IP-Driver and setup with programs such as Zoom or Skype for show contribution via an Axia console.

This procedure can be done with any PC audio interface that can connect to any Axia console. In this example, we will be using the Axia IP-Driver for the PC's audio interface and an iQ console.

Configure the IP Driver


  • Check the ENABLE checkbox
  • Assign an unused channel number to the source
  • Set the Mode to Stereo


  • In the corresponding Destination section, set the Channel to the same value as the Source in the previous steps
  • Set the Type to To Source
  • Click Apply

Create a Source Profile

  • Begin a new PHONE source profile in your console's engine.
  • Name the Source and enter the channel number we just used in the driver to the profile.
Because the feed to source mode defaults to Auto (PGM1/Phone), when this source is called up on the console, the engine will send a mix-minus back to the source using the "To Source" Click here for more information.

Continue with setting up the PC application

At this point, you can go to your PC application (Skype, Zoom, etc.) and select the Livewire interface you've configured to be the microphone and speaker for your sessions.

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