VSet Custom Ringer sounds and the VX System


The VX system allows you to customize the VSet telephone's ringer sounds. This only applies to systems in the VX line of products and does not exist with the Hx6 or iQ6 POTS talkshow systems.


The VX allows you to upload and assign your own ring tones to be played by the VSet when a call comes in on a particular line position within a show. This can be helpful for quickly discerning between request line and hotline calls. Just like all other sound effects and the VX system, the configuration starts in the Tones page.

Upload Custom Ringtones

Open a browser and navigate to your VX's Tones -> Ringtones page.

Here is where you will be able to load custom ringtones into the system.

  • Choose a ringtone slot.
  • Click the Browse button in the desired slot and navigate to the desired file.
  • Click the Upload button.
  • Enable the ringtone by ticking the Enable check box
  • Click Apply
  • To remove a custom ringer, tick the Reset checkbox and click Apply.
Note: Uploaded tones must be in AU file format, 8kHz linear PCM. Also, note that the VX will only play the ringtone once. If you want the ringtone to repeat, you'll have to create a sound file with the desired cadence and number of repeats. You can use pretty much any audio editing program to do this (Audacity, Audition, etc.)

Assign Custom Ringtones

Now that you have uploaded your sound files, it's time to assign them to your line positions.

Remember that you can not edit a VX show while it is loaded into a Studio.
  • Navigate to the desired VX Show configuration page.
  • Choose the appropriate Ringtone from the Ringer drop-down list
  • Click Apply

Once the VX show is loaded back into the studio, calls that ring in on the specified line positions will use the corresponding custom ringer configured.

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