Building a GPIO test connector for Axia

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Most Axia devices that have a GPIO port also contain a self-test utility. This document details how to build the GPIO test connector for these tests.


When running a self-test on any Axia device where there is a GPIO port, it will be necessary to build a test plug. This plug uses the outputs of the GPIO port to test the inputs. LEDs are used to give you a visual reference as to the status of the ports. These can also be useful in other situations where you might not be running a full test but testing some programming logic.

Building the connector

To construct this connector, you will need;

  • 15-pin male "D" connector
  • Qty 5 - 20 ms standard 5v LED
  • Qty 5 - 180 to 200-ohm resistors
  • Hookup wire for jumpers
  • Soldering tools

Here is the schematic showing the wiring of the test connector. If you would like to download a PDF of this drawing, click here.

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