Controlling Brightness on iQ-Series consoles

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The iQ-Series of consoles has several brighness controls covering the overall brightness of the OLED displays as well as the ON, OFF, and other buttons. This document covers the brightness and dimming settings on these consoles;

  • iQ Main and Expansion chassis used with a QOR Engine
  • IQx Main and Expansion chassis
  • RaQ and DesQ consoles used with a QOR Engine
To make sure you are getting the most benefit and best preserve the life of your displays, please make sure they are using Firmware version 5.59 or higher. Check your versions on the Module Information page. If you have older firmware, please click here for instructions on updating your Module firmware.

Setting brightness and dimming

  1. Using a Web Browser, open the main Web Page for your console.
NOTE that while iQx is shown, the procedure is identical for all IQ-Series consoles listed above.

Suggested brightness levels are shown here. In version 5.59 module firmware (discussed above) a setting of 0 (zero) will trigger an OFF condition. These are suggested settings. The nature of OLED is they are Organic and have a finite life. Turning them OFF when not it use will preserve them for LONG life. See the picture below.

  1. Set the desired button brightness for both Normal and Dimmed states.
  2. Set the desired OLED Display brightness for both Normal and Dimmed states. OLED displays are the channel OLEDs that are above the ON/OFF buttons.
  3. Set the desired Overbridge display brightness for both Normal and Dimmed states.
  4. Set the desired Dim timeout.
  5. Click Apply.

More about brightness settings

The image below represents the settings shown above. On the right side is everything set for %50 (the NORMAL state). The left side is after the console goes to sleep (the DIMMED state). You can see in the Dimmed state the OLEDs are completely OFF and the buttons have just enough brightness so you can glance at the console to see that some channels are on or off.

The displays on this console are more than 10 years old now and have no burn-in because the brightness is well managed.

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