Factory Reset an Omnia.9 Audio Processor

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This document explains how to reset the settings of an Omnia.9 Audio Processor back to factory defaults. This covers all styles of Omnia.9 Audio Processors.


Sometimes there is a need to reset the Omnia.9 back to factory defaults. Possible you simply need/like to start from the beginning or you prefer to start from a fresh install after a software update or simply for diagnosing any issue you face with the device.

Before We Get Started

This document assumes that you have already installed the preferred software version on the Omnia.9 and the unit is up and running properly.
In case of need, be sure to perform a backup of your configuration before resetting the device back to factory defaults.
Make sure to remove the unit from service and put your backup processor on the air.

Perform the Factory Reset

  1. The update .pak file downloaded from the Omnia website must be used as-is and should be copied to the root of an external USB drive. In case you need to download the file first, please download version 3.20.20 from here and save this to the root of your external USB drive. If needed, please read the download steps and release notes using this Telos HelpDoc.
  2. Put the USB drive includes the .pak file into the Omnia.9 USB connector on the backside of the unit.
  3. Navigate to the (Home / System / System Config / Software Update) screen and click on tab 'Update from USB'. The unit will switch into audio bypass and will display a menu after a few seconds.
  4. Click on 'Factory Reset' - this will clear all the user settings on the Omnia.9 and will take a few seconds only.
  5. Once finished, use the 'Exit Updater' to return back to the normal Omnia.9 menu screen.

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