Setting Up Preset Scheduling in the Omnia.11

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How to set up preset scheduling in the Omnia.11


Does the Omnia 11 support preset scheduling?  We have different programming during different dayparts.


Yes, as long as you have NTP available on your network to set the 11's clock, you can then use the Day Events feature in the GPIO / Events page of the web interface. See the Setup section below for details...

Day events can change processing and/or I/O Config presets.


Here's the DAY EVENTS setup screen in the web interface at the bottom of the "GPIO / Events" page:

Day events can be used to automatically select a Preset, I/O Config, or both at a specified time on a given day or days. The event will repeat weekly on all days that are checked.

To add another day event, click the “Add Event” button.

Once your day events are as you like them, click “Apply” to activate them.

Individual day events can be deleted by clicking the “Delete” button to the right of each day event line.

Note that the Omnia.11 real-time clock is NTP only and cannot be set manually. See Network Setup on Pgs. 15-17 of the user manual for NTP setup details. Network Setup can only be done from the front panel of the unit.

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