Can I calibrate multiple PPM encoders for my Voltair?

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A common question when using Voltair; "Can I calibrate my main Nielson PPM encoder and also calibrate my backup encoder so that Voltair remembers both if I switch encoders?"


The short answer is No.  When you calibrate the active PPM encoder with Voltair it remembers only that encoder's fingerprint. If you calibrate a different encoder later, the existing calibration data is replaced with the most recent calibration.

In almost all cases, your main and backup PPM encoders are for the same station call letters.  

Depending on the model of PPM encoder you are using, you may find that the calibration done for your Main PPM encoder is adequate enough and also works fine with the Backup PPM encoder.  If you switch encoders and Voltair's confidence graphs still show valid confidence data, that would confirm this scenario. This would likely hold true if the encoders were identical make/models.

However, if the Main and Backup encoder are different hardware/software models, the "fingerprint" will look different enough to the Voltair. If switching from Main to Backup PPM encoder produces no confidence data on the Voltair display, that would confirm this scenario.   You will need to re-run the calibration process after switching to the backup PPM encoder.  Please note, if you do switch to the backup encoder and the confidence data stops displaying on the Voltair this does not mean you have no PPM encoder. The Voltair will still pass watermarked audio, but it may not have the enhancement applied to it.

Unfortunately, the calibration process can only be run from the front panel of the Voltair, calibration can not be started remotely.

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