Controlling Fixed Lines (Hx6 /iQ6) from the Input Channel

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The intent of this document is to cover the configuration of an Element or Fusion to control a Telos Hx6 or iQ6 System from the input channel without a 2-Fader Call Control Module. It presumes that the Hx6 / iQ6 system has been configured, is present on the Axia Ethernet network, and is running up-to-date software. If the Hx6 /iQ6 is not completing calls, you'll want to troubleshoot this first. This document is meant to cover Element and Fusion version 3 or higher. Older versions will have a variation to this instruction.

Step 1: Configure the Hx6 / iQ6 for Fixed Lines

  • Navigate to the system's Setup Wizard (Hx6) or Show Setup (iQ6) page
  • Set Fix hybrid n to line n to ON
  • Apply Settings
ATTENTION!! In this mode, Line Position 1 is permanently bound to Hybrid 1 and Line position 2 is permanently bound to Hybrid 2. Turning on Fixed Lines in these phone systems disables line positions 3-6.

Step 2: Configure the Fusion / Element Source Profile

  • Create a new Phone Source profile
  • Enter the name and Livewire Channel number of the hybrid
  • Under Phone Control / EU Phone enter the IP address of the Hx6 / iQ6 phone system in the Server IP field. (in this example, the phone system's IP address is Yours might be different)
  • Click the Vx radio button
  • For Studio Name, enter Hybrid 1&2
  • For Fixed Hybrid, enter a 1
  • Apply Settings

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 for hybrid 2

  • Repeat the above step, except enter a "2" for Fixed Hybrid

Step 4: Insert these new Phone Sources into a Show Profile

Step 5: Load the Show Profile on the console.

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