iProfiler displays activation error message

Updated 2 months ago by Johnny Goldsmith


This applies to Axia iProfiler software.


When installing iProfiler, the following message pops up:

This is a very easy 'fix'.

  1. Kill that program by X'ing out of the window.
  2. Go to the Install Directory where the program is installed. This is normally located at C:\ProgramFeils
  3. Find a program titled "Register6.exe".
  4. Run that program and it will show you the current license key. You will need to hit the back button once.
  5. Put the correct license key in and complete the registration process.

If you are re-installing iProfiler on a new computer you will need to contact support to have your License Number reset, or you could receive a "License Count Exceeded" message.

In this case, please send a message to support@telosalliance.com with your license key and we will reset it for you.

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