Setting up VIP Remote Panel mode on a MP-16 or DS-16

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Starting with version 2.4.10, Infinity Master Panels and Desktop Panels can be used to remotely use an Infinity VIP panel. This includes control, as well as audio.


  • In order to take advantage of this feature, you must be on at least version 2.4.10 on your MP-16 or DS-16. Information for how to download and update to the latest Infinity MP-16/DS-16 version can be found here.
  • You will need to make sure that your Infinity MP-16/DS-16's primary port is connected to a network with internet connectivity (so that it can reach the VIP panel over the internet).
When in Remote Panel mode, no multicast audio is sent out via the primary port.
  • You must have a VIP panel, with a valid domain and SSL certificate installed


Once the above prerequisites have been met, configuring Remote Panel mode is simple.

  1. Navigate to the web interface of your MP-16/DS-16 panel
  2. Go to the Setup tab, and make sure that the network settings on the primary port are valid. It is also necesarry to have a valid DNS Server address. In this example we are using, but you should use the DNS address used for your network

  1. On the right side of the Setup page, you will see a new Remote section, which defaults to "Off":
  1. Click on the dropdown menu, and select "On". The Remote section should automatically update, showing some additonal information for configuration:
  2. In the Remote Panel Address field, enter the URL for your VIP panel that you would like to control. It should be in the format of wss://
Note that the name of the panel may differ for you, depending on your system. It might be in the format of vip1, or vip101. Typically, VIP Appliance systems are vip1, vip2, etc. AWS systems tend to be in the format of vip101, vip102, etc.
If you have administrative configured on your VIP system, you will need to include them in this URL section, in the format of wss://
  1. Click on Apply & Reboot
  2. When the panel boots back up, you will now be able to remotely use your VIP panel by using your MP-16 or DS-16 panel.

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