Replacing the OLED and Front Panel PCB in a Z/IP ONE


This document outlines the replacement of the Z/IP ONE front panel board and/or OLED display panel.

Required Materials

If you need help identifying what kind of display (old or new) your Z/IP ONE uses, please see this document.

You will need the following materials to complete this procedure:

  • 1171-00056 OLED panel
  • 1701-00400 Front panel PCB (if your Z/IP has the older style board)
  • #1 Phillips Screwdriver
  • Current Z/IP ONE software
  • Needle nosed pliers or spanning driver for removing knobs
  • 3/16” Nut Driver
  • #1 Philips right-angle screwdriver (not crucial but helpful)

Before we begin

Please take the time to read through this document before starting any work.
  • The new front panel board requires Z/IP ONE version 1.8.0r or later to operate correctly. 
  • Install any needed updates first.
  • Disconnect all cabling and power from the unit before servicing.
  • Take special care to work in a static and moisture-free environment. 
  • You assume all risks regarding field repairs, so please take care. If you are uncomfortable with completing these repairs, please contact us for an RA.

Open the Unit

  1. Begin by removing the two knobs on the front panel. 

The knobs on some models will pull right off. Others will require removing the index cap and loosening the spanning nut while holding the knob stationary. 

  1. Locate the ten (10) screws securing the top dress panel and remove them with a #1 Phillips.

The top panel adheres to the CPU heatsink via a thermal pad.  Use careful, upward pressure to free it.

Remove the Mainboard to Gain Access to the Front Panel PCB

You may notice that the screws to remove the front panel PCB are difficult to access.  If you have a right angle #1 Phillips screwdriver and lots of patience, you may be able to remove the FP board without removing the mainboard.  If you believe this is possible, you can skip the steps below.
  1. Disconnect the front panel, power supply, and headphone jack harnesses from the mainboard.
  1. Remove the screws from the 4 (or 6) XLR jacks and the parallel port on the rear panel


  1. Locate and remove the five (5) screws that mount the mainboard to the chassis.
  1. Carefully lift the mainboard out of the chassis and set it in a dry, static-free location.
STOP! WAIT!!  It may seem tempting to remove the CPU to gain access to the front panel.  Please don’t do it.

Remove the Front Panel PCB

  1. Locate and remove the five (5) mounting screws securing the front panel PCB to the chassis.

  1. You can now easily remove the front-panel PCB for service or replacement.

Remove and Replace the OLED panel

If you purchased a new front panel PCB, you would not need to dismount the old OLED. You may, however, need to install the new OLED on the new front panel PCB.

  1. With the OLED facing the workbench, locate and remove the four (4) screws securing the plastic OLED mounting brackets to the PCB.

Once these screws are removed, the OLED will be free from the board.  Do not lose the brackets or the screws.
  1. Turn the board over and locate J1, which is behind where the OLED is mounted.
  1. Hinge open J1 from the edge facing the OLED, and the display will fall away from the PCB.

  1. Orient the new OLED in the way seen above.
  2. With the contacts on the ribbon cable facing down, seat the connector in J1 and close it again.

Reassemble the Z/IP ONE

Follow the above steps in the reverse order until you have a fully assembled Z/IP ONE with no extra parts leftover.     

NOTE:   If the front panel doesn’t operate properly after the procedure, confirm that the unit is running v1.8.0r or newer.

Let us know how we can help

If you have further questions on this topic or have ideas about how we can improve this document, please contact us.

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