VSet assigned to wrong Studio / No VX Audio at the Console


This article is meant to help troubleshoot issues with getting VX audio to and from the Console.


If the VSet is logged into the wrong studio, it will send caller audio to an unexpected location. It will also get backfeed return audio sent to the caller from an unexpected location. As a result, the console channel where caller audio is expected is silent. You may also have issues with callers on hold hearing the wrong audio stream. This article will guide you towards finding and correcting this issue.

This document assumes that there are no configuration issues with the network used to transport Livewire / AoIP audio (ie. switch configuration). If this is suspected, we recommend that this is addressed first and foremost.

Step 1: Determine Which Studio is Used

In this example, we are using a Fusion Console. This procedure is identical with other console systems. If you are not using an Axia console, skip to "C" below.
A) Check the Console Source Profile

Navigate to your Console's Sources list and make note of the Livewire Channel number / address used for the Phone Channels:

Note that the channel number in our example is 15801 and it is showing "Studio A" in the advertisement.

For most of us, this is good enough to move on to Step 2 below. If you like double checking things or if the advertisement is not showing the studio name, continue by checking the Console's Show Profile and the VX Studio itself:
B) Check the Console Show Profile

If you are using a console-based controller, navigate to the Phone section of the appropriate console Show to double check which VX Studio is being used:

Indeed, we can confirm that the console engine is logging into Studio A.
C) Check the VX Studio Information

Navigate to the Information -> Studio page in the VX for the appropriate VX Studio:

If you are not using an Axia console, the channel number listed here must match the channel used in the xNode's Destination for the appropriate output. In this example, output 1 is used:
The Console is using VX Studio A, which is using channel number 15801 for caller audio.

Step 2: Check / Assign the VSet to a Studio

  • Press the MENU button on the VSet's front panel
  • Press and hold the numbered line key next to Engine Setup for 4 seconds and release
  • Scroll down to Select Studio and make sure it's set to the correct value. (In this example, Studio A)
  • If the studio listed here is not correct, press the numbered line key next to Select Studio and choose the correct studio.
  • Press the VSet's MENU button to exit.

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