Z/IP ONE is Not Booting and only the Blue LED is Flashing


This document applies to Z/IP ONE but may also apply to Z/IPStream R/1 units since the hardware platform is similar.


The Z/IP ONE is expected to take 90 seconds to fully boot. Sometimes it may take longer or shorter amounts of time, but 90 seconds is the average. During this period, you will hear a series of beeps and will see a flashing blue indicator on the front panel. These "beeps of life" and a flashing indicator tell us that the Z/IP ONE's CPU is communicating with the memory installed on its carrier board. Once it loads all the data it needs into RAM, it will display the splash screen (Z/IP ONE logo) and will finish booting.

If for some reason the CPU can not communicate with the boot memory, it will continue trying forever. In this case, you may see nothing on the front panel display and a flashing blue LED that persists for longer than 2-5 minutes. If the display will not show the splash screen (Z/IP ONE logo) and will not fully boot, it indicates a hardware issue of some sort.

Steps to Take:

(steps 1 and 2 require you to power down the Z/IP ONE and open the lid, remove all cables before continuing)

  1. Check for bad internal DC Power cable.

There is a known issue with the DC power supply cable in very early Z/IP ONE units. See this article for more information

  1. Eject and re-seat the SD card located on the carrier board.

The boot memory for the Z/IP ONE lives on an SD card that is housed on the Z/IP ONE's main carrier board. Locate this card and eject it by pressing it farther into the cardholder. Then re-insert the card. You'll feel and/or hear a click as you eject and re-insert the card.

  1. Contact support and request an RMA

If the power cable and SD card are making good contact, then there is likely some other hardware issue that is causing the problem. It would be best at this point to send it in for inspection. Click here to request an RMA.

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