Setting The Input Failover Time to 60 Seconds

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This document covers how to extend the Input Failover Time setting to 60 Seconds.


The Volt manual states that the Failover Time should be adjustable from 0 to 60 seconds however the GUI will only let you adjust it up to 20 seconds in the current v2.0 software, which is too short for some applications such as classical music.

 The below instructions will show you how to set it to 60 seconds using telnet.


  1. Using a terminal program such as Putty, start a telnet session to your Volt's IP address. The login: is "user" and the Password: is "omnia".
  2. After telnetting in, type the following exactly as shown including spaces and semicolons:
  3. sa /tmp/111
    <you might have to press return once here; there is a message about it in some versions>
    o in_failover_time 0 ; <don't forget the semicolons>
    w in_failover_time 60 ;
    <now press Ctrl-C to exit (try Ctrl-D if that doesn't work)>
    rm /tmp/111
    <press Ctrl-C again to exit the telnet session>
The new setting will save with an I/O config so be sure to save one once this is done since the control will still not go above 20.

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