Physical dimensions of QOR engines

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In this document, we will cover the physical size of the QOR Engines used with iQ and Radius consoles and specifically covers;

  • 2001-00274-000 - QOR.16 Console Engine
  • 2001-00276-000 - QOR.32 Console Engine
  • 2001-00375-000 - Axia Console Power Supply

Front Dimensions

  • Width - All equipment is designed to mount in a 19-inch equipment rack
  • QOR 16 and Power supply - 2 rack-units high (3.5 inches)
  • QOR 32 - 3 rack units (5.25 inches)

Rear Dimensions

QOR 16 and Console Power Supply

  • Height - 2.37in (60.38mm)
  • Width - 16.9in (430.06mm)
  • Depth - 7.28in (185.10mm)

QOR 32

  • Height - 3.33in (84.81mm)
  • Width - 16.9in (430.06mm)
  • Depth - 7.28in (185.10mm)
When considering DEPTH, only the depth of the metalwork is shown. There is no accounting for the additional depth needed for cables and connectors.

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