How to Forward Calls from your FreePBX (Asterisk) Server


A procedure for forwarding incoming calls from your FreePBX (Asterisk) server to another phone number on the Public Switched Telephone Network.

Any information provided here regarding "Asterisk" or "FreePBX" servers refers only to Telos-commissioned FreePBX (Asterisk) servers used with Telos Alliance telephony products. While these are third-party servers and software, we are able to provide limited pointers and advice (like this article) under normal support. 

We are also happy to provide advanced, dedicated support and training on a VX and FreePBX system through various paid TelosCare Service Level Agreement options, or a la carte via our Dedicated Remote and Onsite Support service. Please use the Contact Us link above for more information on these options. We can guide you through this entire process.


This procedure assumes basic knowedge of basic FreePBX server operations.

  1. Access your FreePBX Administration web UI and log in.
  2. Navigate to Connectivity > Inbound Routes.
    Click the inbound route corresponding to the incoming calls you wish to forward.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the selected inbound route settings.
    Note the current Destination settings so you can revert back to them if needed.
    Under Destination, select Misc. Destination.
  4. Enter a suitable Description, then enter the phone number you want to forward to in the Dial field. Enter this number just as you would dial it from a VSet.
    Click Save.
  5. Click Submit, then Apply Config.

All calls to the inbound route/DID you selected in Step 2 will now be forwarded to the phone number you entered in Step 4.

To revert this, change the Destination section back to the settings you noted down in Step 3.

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