Identifying front panel OLED type on a Z/IP ONE


This document deals directly with the identification of the OLED type used on the front panel of the Telos Z/IP ONE.


The Z/IP ONE has had two different OLED displays over the course of its manufacture, one of which is no longer available. The displays themselves are identical, however, they use different controllers and have different ribbon cables with different pinouts. This document describes how to determine which OLED is used in your Z/IP ONE.

The instructions apply to version 2.0 software and later only
The displays are neither electrically nor signal compatible, so do not attempt to use a 30-pin display with the 34-pin connector.


All versions PRIOR to 1.8 use the original OLED. The original OLED part number is 1171-00031 and is no longer available.

Do not assume that running newer software implies newer style OLED. Read on.

If the display is legible

Using the front panel control knob, scroll to the end of the Status page.

Note the Hardware ID 02/01/3D/01

The 3D indicated in the 3rd position of the hardware ID, indicates the display board type.

  • 3D - New style display, use 1171-00056-100
  • 3C - Old style display*, use 1171-00031-100* (no longer available, see below)
This screen may also be visible from the logs page of the Z/IP One. Turn the knob to change the display page and then refresh the logs page.

If the display is not legible

When the display is bad enough to be unusable, there are two other ways to determine which OLED your unit has.

No screwdriver method
  1. Go to the web page of the unit.
  2. Go to the logs page, and download a log archive.
  3. Open the archive.
  4. Extract the file called logger2.txt.gz
Common tools such as WinRAR can open these files
  1. View the logger2.txt file and search for NewOLED:
  • NewOLED:0 - Use old style display* - 1171-00031-100* (no longer available, see below)
  • NewOLED:1 - Use new style display - 1171-00056-100
Read the board
  1. Unrack the Z/IP ONE
  2. Disconnect from MAINS
  3. Remove the lid.

There is a revision number on the display board near the ribbon cable that connects it to the mainboard.

  • 1401-00263-102 - Use old style display* - 1171-00031-100* (no longer available, see below)
  • 1401-00263-105 - Use new style display - 1171-00056-100
Method of last resort

Count the pins on the ribbon cable of the display.

  • 34 pins - Use old style display* - 1171-00031-100* (no longer available, see below)
  • 30 pins - Use new style display - 1171-00056-100

* Old Display is No Longer Available

The 34-pin display was discontinued by the manufacturer. If you need to change the display of a unit carrying one of these OLEDs, you'll need to replace the front panel PCB so that you can use the newer 30-pin OLED.

The part number for the new front panel PCB is 1701-00400.

Instructions for replacing these components can be found by clicking here.

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