Converting Your Omnia VOLT To Another Style

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This document applies to changing the DSP Core style of the Omnia VOLT.


The hardware of all Omnia VOLT units is the same. Any Omnia VOLT can run any of the four available DSP Core styles: FM, AM, HD/Pro, and SG.

The VOLT has two onboard software banks. If there's a style you use only occasionally, or want to keep one ready for backup use, you can keep that style loaded in the software bank that is not normally run and then boot into it when needed. 👍


The procedure to change DSP Core styles is the same as a software update.

Download the desired update file from our Omnia VOLT Webpage. Look to the right under the "Software" heading.

Then follow the Software Update Instructions starting with Step 2.

When ready, select the software bank with the new style and reboot.

Be sure to ​​load ​​fresh​​ IO​​ and ​​processing ​​preset​​ defaults ​​once ​​you ​​bring ​​up ​​the ​​new​ ​Core ​​type. This will ensure the proper defaults are loaded for the new style.

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