Telos Alliance Remote and On-site Configuration

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Telos Alliance offers configuration assistance and product training, both remotely and on-site. This paid service falls under our Professional Services umbrella and needs to be scheduled at least several weeks in advance.

This service is an expansion of Telos Alliance's traditional customer support.

Please reach out to, if you would like to schedule one of our Customer Success engineers for dedicated assistance or have any further questions.

Configuration Options

  • On-site Configuration Assistance

Telos Alliance offers on-site configuration if in-person support is desired. One of our Customer Success engineers can be scheduled to be on-site to help with the inspection of an installation, finish up any configurations, and even train any number of staff on how to use, maintain, and troubleshoot any Telos Alliance equipment.

Engineers can be scheduled for one day or multiple days up to a full week.

  • Remote Configuration Assistance

Telos Alliance also provides dedicated remote support, our most popular paid service, for instances of commissioning new equipment and switch configuration. This remote option cuts down on the travel costs that are associated with an on-site session.

Remote assistance can be purchased hourly or in blocks of up to four hours, which are referred to as half days. Half days can be divided into multiple hours and don't have to be used all at once.


All configuration orders can be placed directly with Telos Alliance or through your favorite Telos Alliance dealer.

If orders are placed directly with Telos Alliance, we kindly ask that dedicated time be paid for in advance of any sessions taking place.

Prices are subject to change. All time must be used within one calendar year of the order date. Any unused time will not be refunded.

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