Quasar Power Supply Configuration

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This document applies the Power Supply configuration for the Quasar console frames only.


Quasar power supply modules (PSU) have a built-in load-sharing mechanism. This means that every PSU module constantly contributes power to the surface. No switching ever takes place if one should fail. This ends up being a much smarter way to handle redundancy.

Quasar can be configured with UP TO four power supply units per frame, depending on the frame size and the user requirements in terms of power redundancy.

The console frames always come standard with a non-redundant PSU configuration.

The following table describes the number of supplies as standard and the number of optional supplies.

Frame Size

PSU Configuration

PSU Quantity


from 2.5U to 5.5U

NON-redundant PSU operation

1x PSU Module per frame


from 3.5U to 5.5U

Redundant PSU operation

2x PSU Modules per frame


from 6.5U to 8.5U

NON-redundant PSU operation

2x PSU Modules per frame


from 6.5U to 8.5U

PSU operation with single hot-spare

3x PSU Modules per frame


from 6.5U to 8.5U

Fully redundant PSU operation (example, 2x PSU each to a separate AC mains supply.

4x PSU Modules per frame

NOTE - It is not possible to fit two PSUs in the 2.5U frame.

Rear view of the Quasar Console Frame

Rear view of Quasar Console Frame

Spare PSU

There are two options for ordering extra power supplies.

  • 2001-00564 - Quasar Redundant PSU - Factory-installed at the time of your order
  • 2011-00813 - Quasar Frame spare PSU KIT with Cables. For shelf spares or to be installed on-site after your original order.

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