Removing / Replacing a Fusion Overbridge Module


This article discusses the removal / replacement of a Fusion Overbridge Module only. This procedure does not apply to Element.

Step 1: Open the Overbridge

Hinge open the overbridge as shown.

Step 2: Locate and Disconnect the Module(s)

  1. Work from the end of the console closest to the module to be serviced. For example, if this is a larger console and the module is the second from the left, work from the left side of the console.
  2. Disconnect the ribbon cable from the module to be serviced and from the remaining modules all the way to the end you chose in item #1 above. For example, if the module is the second from the left, disconnect this and the module to the left. You'll see why in a moment.

Step 3: Unhinge the Overbridge

  1. Locate the spring-loaded, sliding pin on which the overbridge hinges at the appropriate end of the console discussed in Step 2. We've been using the left side in our example.
  2. Using a screwdriver or very strong fingers, slide the pinout of the hole in the frame while pulling the overbridge out of place.
The overbridge does not need to be completely removed for this operation. Leave the other hinge pin in place.

Step 4: Slide the Module(s) Out of the Overbridge

  • Once the overbridge has been unhinged, the modules are free to slide out of the extrusion.
  • Carefully slide the modules out of the extrusion.
Notice how you need to remove all of the modules in front of the one to be serviced. This is why you needed to disconnect the ribbon cable from all of them. Be careful not to lose track of the module to be serviced.

Step 5: Reinstall the Modules

Reinstall modules using the procedure above in reverse.

Step 6: Relocate the Overbridge

  1. If both sides of the overbridge came unhinged, simply locate one side first and proceed.
  2. Using regularly strong fingers this time, press the spring-loaded hinge pin into the extrusion
  3. While holding the hinge pin in, locate it back into its place in the frame.
  4. Close the overbridge

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