Replacing Side Bumpers on iQ and Radius Consoles

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The document covers the part numbers needed if a side bumper for an iQ-series or Radius console needs to be ordered.

The parts numbers listed are for the following consoles:

  • 2001-00273-000 Radius Console
  • 2001-00518-000 iQx AES67 Console
  • 2001-00275-000 iQ Console
  • 2001-00283-000 iQ 8-Fader Expansion Frame
  • 2001-00284-000 iQ 6-Fader Telco Expansion Frame
  • 2001-00285-000 iQ 6-Fader Expansion Frame + User Buttons

The Bumpers

While iQ-series and Radius consoles can be conveniently rack-mounted or physically attached together, there may be times when, because of studio setup changes, a console needs to be individually set up on a tabletop again.

However, the bumpers are sometimes lost or discarded, making an individual tabletop setup of the console unsightly or prone to damage.

If a bumper is needed, contact Customer Support and ask for the pricing and availability of part # 1453-00083-101 (right bumper) or 1453-00082-101 (left bumper).

The right bumper will be on the right side of the console when looking at the console. The left bumper is on the left side

Attaching a Bumper

  1. Attach the rack-mount flange to the inside of the bumper using three M3.5 x 15mm screws.
  1. Attach the bumper to the side of the console frame by first using two M4 x 10mm screws.
  1. Carefully flip the console over and use four rack-mount screws to securely attach the bumper to the underside of the console frame.
  1. Carefully flip the frame back over and connect it to your QOR engine.

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