My QOR console is unresponsive and my QOR engine has only one PSU light on the front panel

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This document covers any console that uses a QOR integrated console engine, which includes:

  • iQ console
  • Radius console
  • DESQ
  • RAQ

If your QOR console is unresponsive and appears to be only partially powered, the likely culprit is the QOR engine.

The QOR Front Panel

If your QOR engine is operating correctly, you will see several lights illuminated on the front panel:

If your QOR engine isn't operating correctly, you will see only the PSU 1 light illuminated:

If your QOR is in this state, it means it's getting power but it's not fully booting and not communicating with the console.

Possible Remedy

Unplug power from your QOR for 1-2 minutes and let it properly go through the shutdown cycle. Plug the power cord back into the QOR and see if it boots fully.

If it again fails, it will have to come in for inspection.

Please follow this link to request a Return Authorization.

To issue an RA, we will need the serial number of the QOR engine and a return shipping address.

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