Does the PDMII output post-delay audio on all outputs?

Updated by Brett Patram


I have a 25-Seven PDMII unit. If I use Livewire, AES3 or Analog for my input will I get the "post-delay" audio on all three outputs at the same time?


Yes, the PDM II will output post-delay audio on all available outputs regardless of the input choice.

For example, if you selected Analog as the input source. Post-delay audio would be available as a Livewire Source, on the AES3 output and on the Analog output. Likewise, if your input was Livewire or AES3, all three outputs would contain post-delay audio

This is the only mode the PDM II will operate in. It is not possible to have Livewire In/Out, AES3 In/Out and Analog In/Out be used as separate/parallel program delay paths

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